When dealing with Air Conditioning in Florida, the old adage 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it does not apply!' Maintenance is the key to delivering consistent and reliable cooling and heating systems. At Tri County Air, we urge our customers to enroll in our Energy Savings Club, which is designed to ensure consistent performance. For a mere twelve dollars each month, club members receive:

  • Priority Service - Yes, we have HVAC technicians on call for everyone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During our busy seasons (for example, the hot Florida summer) Energy Savings club members receive the quickest response.
  • Discount Savings - Purchase a new Air Conditioning unit, and receive 5% off. Repairs and indoor air quality purchases are 10% off.
  • Semi-annual A/C Tune-ups - We go down a 16 point checklist that includes checking and fine-tuning the following:

    1. Refrigerant pressures - We will add up to 2 lbs at no additional charge.
    2. Condenser
    3. Oil outdoor fan motor
    4. Thermostat and system operation
    5. Compressor amp draw
    6. Outdoor fan motor amp draw
    7. Indoor motor amp draw
    8. Oil indoor fan motor
    9. Blower wheel
    10. Drain pan and clean drain line
    11. Drain pan safety switch
    12. Air handler
    13. Ductwork for contamination and leaks
    14. Surface clean indoor coil in place if possible (if impacted - quote separately
    15. Electrical wiring indoor & outdoor units
    16. Safety controls

Contact Tri County Air today for expert maintenance of your Air Conditioning unit.